Saturday, July 18, 2009

Watch Me

I made a simple amusing satirical post on a forum about god two weeks back. Someone else responded about how I "...cannot blame God for mankind's mistakes." [[Linky]]

My response? Watch me.

...of course that wasn't all I had to say, read the rest of my post below:

A woman throws a hungry tiger into pit full of toddlers. The tiger starts ripping the toddlers to shreds. Pining them down and tearing their little guts out of their little torsos. Their cries of pain and fear only agitate it tiger more, furthering it's ferocity.

Now, is the woman responsible for the toddlers' slaughter or is the tiger? Both of course. The tiger could have spared the children, but it chose not to. The woman could have spared the children by not throwing the tiger in the pit, but she didn't. She didn't kill the children herself, but she knowing took action that resulted in their grim deaths.

Now wait... it gets worse. The tiger is on a long leash, one it can't chew through. The woman holds one end of the leash, and she, being a woman strong enough to toss the tiger in the pit, could easily pull it out in a microsecond and subdue it. However, she doesn't. Even if she knew not what her actions would result in, she is still responsible for what is happening because she can stop it, but chooses not to. After all, taking action is just as "bad" as not taking action; it all depends on the intent and the result.

Now I think you can understand the parallel I'm drawing here. If god is all-knowing, and did indeed create us, god is indeed responsible for our actions because god must have knew we would take them. It would be worse yet if god is all-powerful, but doesn't stop what it started. God leaves it up to us to clean up the mess it made. How easy would it be for god to physically stop a person from doing something detrimental to the world at large? Quite easy. A being that can do anything must be able to do anything with ease, as it have no limit. God doesn't need to deny freedom to chose to do things damaging to the world; all she need do is prevent people from taking actions that damage the world we live in. If god does not, she is like just the woman with the tiger, tossing us into situations where we can do "wrong" and gingerly holding on to the leash while we do it.

Of course this is all a stupid seeing as god is merely another fairy tale.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch Aoi Hana Episode 3. Then I'll probably do some other stuff, maybe find some porn, masturbate, and go to sleep.

P.S. Aoi Hana is awesome. A little girl pissed herself and cried in the first episode. Whoever writes this is pretty fearless.

P.P.S. Tigers are awesome.

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