Sunday, August 22, 2010

The girl with the what the fucking hell why is she being raped tattoo.

So I'm watching a movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I thought when I watched this I would see a murder mystery movie with a feminist twist.

What I got was a murder movie staring an almost all male cast, with a exploitation film subplot. Yay! I love watching exploitation films where lesbians bisexual women get raped buy fat sadists. NOT.

The thing that really bothers me is that this entire subplot was completely unnecessary. It didn't grow her as a character, it bares no importance to the plot, and it actually inflates the length of the movie to its detriment. It's like the author wanted to appear dark and edgy, which it probably was.

I wouldn't mind seeing a movie where rape is invovled. It's a part of life. A gruesome, vile, contemptible part of life. Like war, murder, starvation, racism, and Michael Cera. These things that healthy minded people would wish not exist, but they do. It's unfortunate, but pretending these things don't exist gives the viewing public the impression that they don't and make the victims off them feel isolated and outside reality.

So we need to portray these things for their sake, albeit responsibly. Making a movie about a woman who is violently raped and then pursues an unrealistic scheme doesn't help.

It's like movies like Avatar. They point out an important social problem, then resolve it in an unrealistic mater.

...and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling smurfs!

Some movies need a depressing end to wake the world up. Yes, it was nice and uplifting, but no one gave a shit about it. They were all "OMG, amazing 3D!" I haven't heard one person, read one review about this movie where they were actually moved by the environmental moral. Why? Because the story was resolved, every single person walked out of that theatre satisfied. Complacent. Unmoved.

What they should have felt was pissed off. If in the end of the movie Jake Sully and the smurfs were dead, and the corporations had won, everyone would leave the theatres pissed off.

Pissed off like they should be about the environment. Like they should be about war. They should be about rape.

Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this. It just felt good to write.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Those fucking morons!

The fuck is this? We don't need to spend 9 Billion Dollars of fighter jets! FIGHTer Jets! Who the hell are the consertatives planing on going to war against? The US? England? France? Russia? The only nations we could use these agaist are our damn allies! Iraq, Iran Afganistan, North Korea, most of these countries don't even have a damn air force, none of them a competent one!

The goverment has just deciced to waste 8 billon dollars of our money to build jets that will just sit there and do nothing! Not to mention the hundreds of millions it will cost every year to maintain the damn things!

Steven Harper just reached into every canadians' pocket ripped out $300 and set it on fire!

Look closely, you can even see the money buring!

You know what really pisses me off? The fact that these morons waste billions of dollars on useless shit like this, and then complain that we have money problems and say we need to cut social programs and privatize healthcare. We wouldn't have money problems if you didn't waste our money!

...and don't get me started on that bullshit they're pulling with the long form census. God I hate these guys.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Killable Children in New Vegas

As many people have heard, in the upcoming Fallout Sequal/Spin off Fallout New Vegas you won't be able to kill children. Shouldn't be that big a surprise. The assholes at Bethesda have always been dicks about their hypocritical moralism. You want to give a kid a gun? No problem. You want to sell that kid into slavery where he/she will brutally, and likely sexually abused daily? No problem. You want to strike'm with a sledge hammer? It's kool, just as long as they pass out, after all, it would be horrible if they died.

Sigh, I know I'm being hard on them. It's likely not their fault. Bethesda is privately owned. By some lawyer if I remember correctly. If he says it's not gonna fly, it won't. Prick.

So enough rambling. How can we make children killable? The anwser is surpirsingly simple. NPCs in fallout all have an optional attribute called "essential". If Essential is checked, an NPC when killed, simply passes out and wakes up later with full health. Sound familiar? All children in Fallout 3 have this attribute checked. All you have to do to take away the children's immortality is uncheck this.

The thing is, when we do this, we encounter a problem. Oh, the children can die, it's just there is no gore. Just hollow meshes. What's going on?

The problem is child meshes, such as their bodies, heads, ect, don't have "meatcaps". Meatcaps are those little bits of torn flesh you see when you kill somebody, Lovely.

The only fix is to add them. That's what I intend on doing. I've considered doing this before, the only reason I'm doing it now is because I've decided I want to play Fallout: New Vegas. Stay tuned for more updates.