Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bicentennial Man is bullshit!

"I would rather die a man, than live for all eternity as a machine."
Seriously, as a person who has to eat, sleep, work, and maintain themselves in futility, fuck you.

What the hell is wrong with people? I'll tell you what. We're all a bunch of fucking pussies. We're too scared to admit the horror of our own mortality. So terrified that we argue that it's a good thing to die, that life without death has no meaning. So obsessed with living this lie that we make a movie about a guy who can live forever choosing to die.

...but it's bullshit! Death sucks. Dying sucks. If I could live forever I would. Life isn't defined by experiences gained, it's defined by the experiences lived. When I go to a party, I'm not enjoying the party because soon it some day I'll die, I'm enjoying it because fucking fun. Life's the same way, just enjoy it. Have fun, help others, whatever floats your boat. Do it and you'll find it's fun because your doing it, not because it won't last.

People who think life since dying is a "natural part of life" makes it a good thing need to actually talk to people are dying. Dying sucks you ignorant mother fuckers.

Also, just because he was a robot doesn't mean he would live forever. Shit breaks down, biological and mechanical. Hell, a human would probably outlive a robot, especially one that wasn't built with the intention of it living forever. Why would they build one that could operate that long anyway? It would be horrible for business. In reality a mass produced robot like him would have the life expectancy of a dog.

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